Technical Parameter

Rated Torque (Nm)

Rated Speed

Tube Diameter (mm)

Rated Voltage (V)

Rated Frequency (Hz)

Rated Power Input

Rated Current (A)

Running Time

Protection Index

Max number of turn

Tube Length

Motor Length

 AC 120V/60Hz
 AC 230V/50Hz

 Product  feature  and usage:
Tubular  motor  is mainly  used  in home  automation  such as  roller shutters, awnings, garage  door etc..  With  low noise, small  size, easy  installation, tubular  motors have  been  widely used  in  offices, residential, hotels, showrooms,villas, and  many  other places. Due  to  thermal protection  device, after  long time  of  continuous running, the  motor  will automatically  shut  down and  resume  work until  the  motor cooling  down.
 Functional  feature :
a. Single-phase  asynchronous  motor;
b. High  power, constant  speed, big load  capacity;
c. Working  time  is  not less than  4  minutes;
d. Mechanical limit switch, easy regulation;
e. Flexible control mode, working with Huate's controllers, single control,group control and packet control can be achieved.
 59 Series feature:
1. There're standard type, manualoverride type  to choose from;
2. Double surface brake system, reducer option 60Nm/10rpm, 80Nm/10rpm, 100Nm/10rpm;
3. Clever design, simple appearance;
4. Easy installation, durable and safety;
5. Mechanical limit switch is sensitive and accurate, easy to adjust; 
6. Low mechanical noise, energy saving;
7. Small but powerful, compact structure;
 Feature  of  YYGL59M:
Manual  override  / mechanical   limit switch
1. Apply to motorized roller blinds, roller shutters, sunshade, canopy and projection screen;
2. Quiet operation,  noise <50db;
3. Tube surface is processed by electrostatic spraying, beautiful and durable;
4. Maximum rotation laps are 40, normally it’ll be 20 laps;
5. 230V/50Hz,230V/60Hz, 120V/60Hz are available;
6. Work with Hualite external receivers;
7. Variety of adapter option besides the standard accessories.
Standard Accessories


Drive wheel





Rigid Eye 

 Accessories Installation

Limit switch head: smart design, excellent workmanship.

The output shaft

Motor wiring: 1. Connect  the motor to the controller; 2. Rated voltage: 230V AC, 120V AC, according to installation instructions.

Motor appearance: steel tube, electrostatic spraying. The color can be customized with minimum order quantity 3000pcs.


Limit Switch Regulation
Switch on the motor and observe the running direction.
The arrow  means motor rotation direction. When rotate as pic 1 and you want to decrease the limit range, please put regulator to hole,turn to the minus direction until motor stop, if you want to increase the limit range, turn to the plus direction. When rotate as pic 2 and you want to decrease the limit range, please put regulator to   hole, turn to the minus direction until motor stop, if you want to increase the limit range, turn to the plus direction.  

Note: Do not regulate limit switch when motor is not installed, it may damage the motor.

Motorized Roller Shutter

Motorized Roller Blinds

Motorized awning

Motorized Screen


Electric motor is an mechanical equipment that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

1. Working principle

 When tubular motor is connected to power supply, the brake will be automatically released, meantime the rotor will run at 2800rpm. The speed is reduced by reducer and output the final speed. With drive wheel, the driving force is transferred to roller tube thus make the roller shutters and blinds up and down. While the crown connected to mechanical limit switch,
the movement will be represented by the nut of the limit switch. When the nuts touch the mocro switch, the limit switch
works and brake system will immediately stop the motor.

2. Construction: 1. Motor parts: limit switch, rotor and stator, decelerator, brake, adaptor. 
                                   2. Tubular motor consists of four main parts:Limit switch,brake,motor,gearbox.
3. Construction Theory
4. Count and Choose
(1) Door sheet weight:
Door sheet weight = single slat weight * square meter
For length 2m, width 3m, 6kg/square meter
Door sheet weight=3*2*6=36kg
(2) Choosing motor model:
Torque (Nm) = force (N) * Roller tube radius (m) = G*R
For door sheet weight 36kg, roller tube diameter 70mm
G = 36*9.8 = 352.8N  R = 70/2/1000 = 0.035m
Torque = 352.8*0.035 = 12.348Nm
So, 15Nm or 20Nm is OK.
Note: The torque you choose must be bigger than the calculated one

(3) Choosing limit switch:
Number of turn = height of door or window (mm) / roller tube diameter (mm) / 3.14
For 4m height door, roller tube diameter 70mm
Number of turn = 4000 / 70 / 3.14 = 18.2(turn)
Note: The max number of turn you choose must be bigger than the calculated one
Note:Standard type, mechanical type, built-in receiver type have max number of turn, while Electronic type not. But due to thermal protection, running time limit is ≥4min. So the number of turn for Electronic type is motor speed * 4min.

    ● Do not store the motor with strong acid and alkali or dirty & eroding materials.
    ● Do not use the motor in humid or damp environments.
    ● Do not start the motor frequently or overload it as it might reduce its operation state.
    ● Do not turn the regulating knob or the driving sleeve at non-operation state.

    If you wish to open the shutters under poeer-off circumstance,you may choose the M series products which carries
functions ,and do not forget to invite professionals to install the handing bar and locks.And please note that the
      manual function
does not work in the power-on condition.

    ● Deep the product number and data plate in safety place.
Installation Notes
1. When the door sheet and the tube were already fixed,in case the customer needs to drill tithing the motor space,the drill bin should not tough the motor shell(the suggested drill  length out of the drill chuck be less than 15min);the stretching rivet is recommended for fixing. In case the screw might be used,the clearance between the screw tip and the motor shell should be more than 5mm,or the motor might be damaged.
2. For security,there is a yellow and green coloured earth line among the in-lines,customer should put it to earth before using the motor.

The tube and the driving adapter should be evenly fixed with 4pieces of 4*10 sunk head self-threading screws and the screw tip should not penetrate though the internal surface of the crown might damage the internal geared ring.  

1. The fit clearance between the drive adapter outer edge and the internal dia of the tubes    should not exceed 1mm.
2. The tube adapter and idler should be evenly fixed with 4pieces of 5*20 sunk-head self-threading screws(for 59 series)respectively in the radial direction;and the screws should be fixed in the middle of the adapter and the middle of the idler in axial direction.

Choose the rigtht crown and drive adapter before installation,do not hammer the motor into the tube.
Trouble And Solutions



  Possible Reasons 

  Solutions & Suggestions 


Press the controller down button,the shutter moves upward instead
of downward
Line connection opposite Exchange the connection head between the brown and black line


The driving adapter can only rotate in one direction when the power is on The switch of the other direction is off Rotate the crown toward the rotating direction of the driving adapter


When power is switched on,the motor refuses to work or starts sloely a. Voltage too low 
b. Errors in line connection 
c. Overload
d. Installation errors
a. Regulate the voltage to the rated 
b. Check the lines and correct it 
c. Install the load relevant to the rated torque 
d. Reinstall the motor


Sudden stop of the operating operating motor Rated operating time(4min) exceededAfter approximately 20 minutes,it will resume automatically when the motor cools down


The motor stops operation and path length cannot be increased The spacing has been adjusted to the maximum Romove the motor and rotate the crown towards the inverse direction several rounds(according to the practical need).Then put it into the tube and adjust to the necessary spacing position


Unexpected noise emitted during shutter rolling The tube too long,which causes the tightness between the rolling shutter and the bracke in botht If the idler is flexible users may cut a little of the tube with a saw,to loosen the tightness between the bracket and roller shutter